Voice activated mobile money transfer solution powered by Pedgar Chain, a blockchain technology created by Isaac Daniel. This application allows you to instantly transfer funds to friends and loved ones via a higher encryption level than that available through existing mobile payment providers.

Turn your mobile phone into a secure funds transfer mechanism Toriia with government grade encryption levels. Utilizing the proprietary blockchain ledger, Pedgar Chain’s terminal, it works together with Toriia mobile transactional consistency and authentication in real time.

The two systems ensure no fraudulent activity can take place by flawless communication and confirmation handshakes. Toriia offers users the ability to transfer funds as well as cryptocurrency between their wallets.

Pedgar Chain

PEDGAR Chain is a Platform and Mobile Military Grade Secure Terminal for Payment processing.


The history of your transactions, signatures, contracts, currencies is distributed. Instead of existing on one database, the complete information of each action is part of a database that's hosted on thousands of computers throughout the world, updated on a regular basis.


Because of this distributed structure, all of the data of each transaction, contract and currency movement id public, therefore, making it impossible to alter by one party or a group of participants.


PEDGAR CHAIN is secured by the highest encryption grade level allowed by the governments. In order to amend information or steal data, the entire history of all transactions would have to be rewritten on the public ledger.

Pedgar Chain Principles

Network Integrity

No more reliance on third-parties to process transactions and store data. The PEDGAR CHAIN network ensures every transaction is securely recorded and cannot be altered. The network relies on participants’ consensus to approve and clear transactions.

Power Distribution

The power to control data is taken away from governments and institutions and placed in the hands of consumers. Equally powered participants “mine”/maintain the network.


Due to PEDGAR CHAIN distributed nature of power, any one participant has no ability to negatively impact/alter the ledger information. No more identity fraud or credit cad breaches.


Participants/users are in complete control of their personal data.


Anyone in the world can participate in the PEDGAR CHAIN ledger system. All you need is access to Internet.

Pedgar Chain Pillars

Honesty | Consideration | Accountability | Transparency

Disrupting a failing system


1. Aggregators

Companies like Airbnb, Lyft, Uber, Expedia and the like, build a platform, take a cut of every transaction, and aggregate data. A PEDGAR CHAIN peer-to-peer interaction (monetary, contractual, commercial, not-for-profit) will replace these businesses and cut costs associated with middle men. The same model applies to credit card networks that charge just for transactional data to pass through their rails. On PEDGAR CHAIN, individuals transact directly with each other without paying networks, credit card companies and banks.



Since you can track exactly where your money goes and the data is public and inedible, accountability speaks for itself.



Introducing a secure, easy-to-use cryptocurrency exchange and wallet. CryptoX covers a range of currencies and operates in multiple regions. CryptoX provides clients with a physical secure biometric debit card which you can use to spend currencies as well as cryptocurrencies alike. CryptoX also offers a platform for merchants allowing them to accept bitcoin payments.



Entertainment Ticket Management Ledger. The Pedgar Technology may also be used in the issuance and management of event credentials, such as admissions and event security. Such events include sporting events, concerts, operas, races, rallies, and the like.

The Crypto-Ticket method presents the following technological advantages:

• Identity Authentication of all event participants and guests as well as seating, rolls, and the like.
• Confirmation of a ticket purchase from authorized ticket dealers, and not scalpers.
• Ensuring all guests have passed a background check, and do not present danger.
• Total sales and revenue updated in real time and revealed to the event organizer.
• Low turn-out expectation could enable the event managers to improve advertising campaign priort the event.
• Enable event organizer to know the head-count or entrants and exiting guests in real time.
• Event security can rely on intelligent resources.



Crypto-currency can be transferred for 2% or less via PEDGAR CHAIN, whilst Moneygram, Western Union, Travelex, and Cambio charge up to 7% in fees for every transaction.