S3Exchange LLC provides products and services in the mobile payments, decentralized systems and blockchain industries. S3Exchange prioritizes security while providing the customer with an easy to use product offering and streamlined host of services.


Our mission is to deliver purposeful and state-of-the-art technologies that push, provoke and reset everyday boundaries to continue to stay one step ahead. We always look forward to provide solutions that make a difference. We take a systemic, forward-looking and preemptive approach to assessing potential and emerging risks to our objectives related to our business model.


S3 Exchange with its unique product offering aims to disrupt failing systems and bring transparency and efficiency to the way payments are made, contracts are executed and information is shared. Where risks have crystallized, we will focus on ensuring that effective remedial action is taken to tackle root causes of fraud. We view the future where the consumer obtains exposure to faster payments and secure systems where personal and financial data is protected.


“Our purpose is to identify, respond promptly and effectively to emerging issues, before they cause significant harm to Fintech industry, by partnering with secure and strong technology driven gateway and network alliance”.

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